Tashi Takgay Design Free Vector (Astamangala)


What is Tashi Takgay (Astamangala)


Tashi Takgay in Tibetan (Astamangala in Sanskrit) is an eight auspicious design symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. Tashi Takgay design symbols represent the gifts Buddha received upon his enlightenment by the Celestial/Devine beings. In Tibetan culture the Tashi Takgay Symbols are used in auspicious occasions like Weddings, Birthdays, Religious gatherings, jewellery, Wall hanging Designs etc. The followings are Tashi Takgay (Astamangala) design symbols with its meaning:


1. Parasol: Parasol represents the protection of all the sentient beings from harmful forces and illness


2. Gold Fish: The pair of Gold Fish represents the freedom as the fish can swim and move anywhere freely


3. Treasure Vase: It represents unlimited treasure of Buddha’s wisdom which never gets devalued upon sharing


4. Lotus: Lotus is a symbol of purity of mind, speech and body as it floats above the muddy water and comes out pure and clean


5. Conch Shell: It is basically a representation of awakening the disciple from the ignorance


6. Endless Knot: It is the representation of intertwining of wisdom and compassion


7. Victory Banner: Victory Banner is the representation of victory of Buddhism over the four Maras (pride, desire, disturbing emotions, and the fear of death)


8. Dharma Wheel: Dharma wheel represents the valuable teaching of Gautam Buddha