How to make a Shutter Icon

Shutter icon can be used in the photography logo. It symbolises the lens of the camera. In this blog I try to bring the simple process to make the shutter icon in adobe illustrator. Please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Draw a single line and make the stroke to 10 points

Step 2: Copy the same line and place it right below the first line

Step 3: Join both the line using pen tool

Step 4: Copy the image and rotate the image -45 degree angle, 90 degree angle and 45 degree angle

Step 5: Select all the images and align Vertical and Horizontal Align Centre

Step 6: Draw a circle and place it right behind our previous image

Step 7: Now go to pathfinder and do minus front

Step 8: Now select all the parts from inside and delete it

Step 9: Now you will get the perfect shutter icon


Now you can use the icon as a photography logo