How to make an Endless Knot, Tibetan Symbol

Endless knot is a Tibetan symbol, one of the Eighth Auspicious Symbol. The Tibetan Endless Knot design symbolises the mutual dependence of religious doctrine and secular affairs. It also represents the union of wisdom and method. The symbol also represents KARMA.

So we here came up with the tutorial on making an Endless Knot symbol. If you are using Adobe Illustrator software you can follow this steps.

Step 1: Draw ten line. Align them with Vertical distribute centre and Horizontal distribute centre and then group all the lines


 Step 2: Rotate to -45 degree


Step 3: Rotate to 45 degree


 Step 4: Align them with Vertical align centre and Horizontal align centre


 Step 5: Now go to Live paint bucket tool select a fill colour and then start filling the area to make an Endless knot shape

 Step 6: Now go to Object and Expand all. Ungroup all and take out the fill part only. Now you will get the Tibetan Endless Knot shape

 Step 7: Now you can stylize the Endless knot image like this


You can also make patterns out of it. Which can be used as background.